Technology Voucher Programme (TVP)

Subsidize SMEs to use technology services and programs to improve quality or upgrade and transform, and enhance competitiveness.


  • Applicant companies must have substantive business operations in Hong Kong, not at least one year of substantive business operation period; and apply to enterprises of all sizes (except listed companies), not limited to SMEs
  • Listed companies that are not listed are also eligible to apply
  • The funding limit is HK$600,000, up to 6 projects, with a 3:1 matching model (the government pays 4 points 3, the company pays the remaining 4 points 1)
  • ​The project usually lasts for 12 months. Within two months after the completion of the project, you need to submit the project report, proof of results, expense receipt and audited project expenditure table


Please contact ECTest for more information